Ever feel jealous of your husband’s…. 
             Mother’s Day should never be the same!

Have you ever seen the love and adoration your husband, boyfriend or even your son shows their car when they are detailing and waxing it’s body.  Are you the least bit jealous of the attention the vehicle is getting?  The attention and focus the vehicle receives when they are waxing or buffing is enough to turn any female green with envy.

Do you want to know how to tame that green eyed monster?  Show yourself the same love attention and maintenance with BelleCore’s HoneyBelle BodyBuffer. It is a breakthrough device that does it all.  In less than 30 day it can exfoliate, sooth sore muscles, and diminishes the appearance of cellulite all with only 10 minutes a day!  

BelleCore made me feel this same attention by sending me a HoneyBelle Body Buffer Kit! After using it for the first time my body felt so alive and invigorated.  Almost like I had just exited a great yoga class without the downward dog or the hot!

Possibly a change should be made to combat this green envy and meet that jealousy head on.  With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I feel a slight twist could possible make the day even more special than before.  Why don’t we all do something for ourselves that is only for us and our well being whether mentally or physically this weekend.   Well heck anytime!  It could be something small like a free day to do as you please to shop or just clean out drawers.  Possibly if funds are available a new toy like an iPad might be a good idea.  What I would like to recommend to put you vis-a-vis with that shiny car is the Bella Body Buffer.  The attention your body feels after just a few sessions is amazingly extreme.  Changes start almost immediately in how you feel and then the more visible results start.  Below you will find more information on this amazing invention that for me almost ranks up there with the invention of the cellphone and we all know we can’t live without that!  You will find too that you will not believe you ever could do without your HoneyBelle Body Buffer!

So tame that green beast of envy and let the jealously fade away.  Pick something anything this weekend and do it just for you.  Don’t let your happiness or sanity fall into the hands of others that do not know you like you know yourself.  Start thinking now and while you are thinking check out the BelleCore HoneyBelle Body Buffer below! 

How the HoneyBelle® bodybuffer
Works to Break the Bonds of Cellulite®

Understanding Cellulite

Roughly 85 percent of women suffer from the appearance of cellulite, also called Peau d’orange or orange peel skin. Areas most affected include the thighs, buttocks and lower back. And while the condition is found most commonly in women, under certain hormonal conditions such as low levels of male hormones or high levels of female hormones, men can also develop cellulite.
To understand how the appearance of cellulite forms, it helps to look at the anatomy of “normal” skin which is made up of three distinct layers: the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. It is this last, innermost layer, the hypodermis which contains the adipose or fatty tissue where cellulite first develops.
Using a house as an analogy, the epidermis or outermost layer is like the shingles on the roof and provides an effective barrier against the elements. The next layer or dermis is like the roof itself. It supports the epidermis and contains nerves for touch, blood vessels and all of the “skin appendages” such as hair follicles, sweat and sebaceous glands.
The hypodermis is made up of several smaller spaces or “rooms” containing the subcutaneous fat and they are surrounded by fibrous arches or “walls” that extend from the fascia below (floor) to the dermis (roof) and thus act as the anchoring point for skin.
When these elements of our “skin house” are in balance, the appearance of the roof and shingles is smooth and uniform.  However, if the fat cells begin to swell from toxins, excess weight or hormonal imbalance, etc. the fibrous arches or walls begin to bulge and pull down on the dermis or roof and the epidermis or shingles start to pucker and shift creating that uneven dimpled appearance of cellulite.
Oddly enough, weight loss can make the appearance of cellulite even worse.  While frequent deep tissue massage can help the appearance of cellulite, creams alone have not been shown to be an effective treatment.
But now, the HoneyBelle® bodybuffer offers women a proven and effective solution.
BelleCore, LLC is a for profit company devoted to providing affordable, consumer friendly, easy-to-use devices designed to enhance overall appearance and well being.
BelleCore was founded in 2007 by:
BelleCore’s founders each have over 20 years experience in the healthcare and fitness sector. This breadth of experience provides a unique understanding of the challenges facing a rapidly aging population. They have the scientific and practical background to know what is effective and successful and what is not. They will continue to use their special skill sets collaboratively to further BelleCore’s mission.
BelleCore is also a socially and environmentally conscious company and we are proud to support our local communities with job creation and contribute to various charitable organizations.


I love the buffer!!! I’m doing cross fit workouts and it really makes my muscles so much better.

– Bobbi Brown

Seriously I am talking about an actual weapon! The HoneyBelle

– Giuliana Rancic

I can seriously say that after the first use the skin on my legs looked better than they had in a few years.   I quickly realized that this was a top of the line device that was going to produce results.  Also I had been having some issues with my hip flexor area of my hips and now it has not bothered me since the first use!  What an amazing product the HoneyBelle Body Buffer has turned out to be!  Thanks BelleCore for this great discovery!

– Ava Roxanne Stritt