Didn’t Get the Treats You Wanted Today?  Well you can here!

….Pick up some on your own so easily!  These little babies are so unique you will feel like they are limited edition items made just for your skin!

So in the essence of getting us all quickly back to our own Mother’s Days … let me do the curating for you.  If you feel a little forgotten today just head over to Kahylala and see what precious LTO (Limited Time Only) items you can pick up for yourself!  Enjoy!

All Natural & Organic Handcrafted Skin Care for those who care about their skin.

My favorite product is below.  So natural you can even see the vanilla bean specks!

A close second but not by far is what I call the best Bon Bons and they are for your hands!
All you do is pick a bon bon out of the cute tin just like a mint.  You then crush it in the palm of your hand where it becomes just the right amount of cream for your hands.
Your own special Skincare Sunday Mother’s Day Tip!
Don’t Forget your Elbows!  They need moisture too!
    Please check out Kaylala for the most luxurious treats you can find for YOU at amazingly low prices for their quality and results!

Happy Mother’s Day!