I recieved a new pair of Airware  glasses and instead of seeing the world fuzzy now have a well-focused lens.  These have truly made my vision remarkable compared to contacts. This event led me to think about my eyesight and how life would be without it.  Possibly the experience would be enlightening.  Take a look at the event below which gives it’s diners an unmatched intimate experience, while dining in the dark!
Your taste buds will never be the same…

         Dining in the Dark Extends into july with watershed’s joe truex
 April 21, 2011 (ATLANTA) – Considering all of the culinary masterminds behind Atlanta’s Dining in the Dark, it is safe to say it has equal bragging rights to Bravo’s Top Chef.
 Selling out within weeks of its debut, Dining in the Dark has hosted Atlanta chefs from all over the city, including Gerry Klaskala of Aria, Pano Karatassos of Kyma and Jason Hill of Wisteria.
Due to the popularity of this one-of-a-kind event, Dining in the Dark is adding an eighth chef to its impressive line up. Watershed’s Chef Joe Truex will cook for 16 guests on July 21st for the last and final Dining in the Dark.
 “Participating in Dining in the Dark was an exciting and eye-opening experience,” says Jason Hill of Wisteria, a popular restaurant serving contemporary American cuisine with a Southern twist in the Virginia Highlands area. “Touring Dialog in the Dark weeks prior to the event really inspired the entire concept for my four-course menu.”
Travis Collum of Kozmo Gastropub   in Johns Creek cooked for the February dinner and included several seafood items on his menu. “I, of course, enjoyed the experience cooking for an intimate group of people, but I especially liked interacting with diners in the dark and asking them about the different dishes” explains Collum. “The servers who are visually impaired did an incredible job. I am still amazed at how the process runs so smoothly”
During the three-hour event, Dining in the Dark transports patrons from their comfortable world of sight to a place where seeing the food on their plate isn’t an option.

 “At first I was nervous entering this situation without the comfort of my eyes to guide me me,” says Atlantan and Dining in the Dark guest Andrew Costas. “I’m a big foodie and eating in the dark allowed me to appreciate my meal in a whole new way.”

 Dining in the Dark is sold-out through June, 2011 at which time is Canoe’s Chef Carvel Grant Gould will show off her gastronomic skills in absolute darkness.
 For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit www.dialogtickets.com.