So Amazing I Just Had to Share!  Announcing Prefense!

Do you find yourself enjoying each time you put that overly perfumed hand sanitizer onto your hands?  Well I feel that the strong scents are just to distract the face that it is actually burning your skin.  That is why I am so grateful to a new company that has created a hand sanitizing product that not only works, but is gentle for my skin!  BUT the most amazing fact is that it works for 24 hours.  Just one pump a day and you have 24 hour protection.

Prefense protects against bacteria including staph,strep and many more for a total of 24 hours or 10 handwashings without reapplication!

It’s easy, safe, gentle and as I told you Amazing!

The icing on the cake is that is contains no alcohol and non-toxic so safe if swallowed!

Keep it by the door and give everyone in your family a pump as they leave the house, so Prefence can keep them safe all day!