The Royal Treatment Cottage

 The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

When visiting St. Simons one must be sure to not miss The Royal Treatment Cottage at The King and Prince Resort Golf and Spa Resort.  When entering the cottage you automatically feel as if your dearest oldest friend called to invite you over to her island cottage and when she so graciously answered the door you found that she had turned her entire home into a spa cottage – just for you.

Immediately upon entering it is as if the only goal here is for you to feel relaxed and at ease.  Comfort seems to be a priority here and that is what you get.  In the lounge you are offered a cup of tea or whatever your palette desires.  Yes you can hear the ocean sounds here, since you are only a few feet from the ocean.  Also it is only steps from The King and Prince Resort Golf and Spa Resort, which alone is a treat.

When you are ready to disrobe here, you are given a lovely tote with the name of the spa embroidered on it.  Soon these lovely totes may be available to purchase to take home with you, but for now it will safeguard your belongings and travel with you throughout your experience.  Don’t worry though you do not have to carry it yourself if you do not want to.  For that matter, no one at The Royal Treatment Cottage at The King and Prince Golf and Spa Resort on St. Simon’s Island expects you to lift a finger.

A massage here will leave you without a care in the world, so much so that you may need to not plan anything much for the rest of the day.  Just enjoy your day of Zen from the beginning to end.  The treatments here are customized to your own personal needs.  If you are unsure of which to one to reserve the thorough masseuse will ask you a few questions to make sure your needs are met.  Do not be shy about any questions here, since the feeling of being in a friend’s spa cottage continues throughout your visit.  All here have a true caring touch whether making your ears feel loved during a massage to serving your tea. 

Also found here are herbal neck wraps that are unmatched anywhere else.  Drop by to pick some up for gifts.  Also take a look at the lovely array of lotions with island aromas with either a soothing or uplifting scent. 

To continue your experience stay at The King and Prince Spa and Golf Resort in one of their many types of accommodations that includes deluxe rooms, suites, villas and cottages.  The most popular of which is the Tabby Cottage that sits just steps from The Royal Treatment Cottage.

The Tabby House

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