Romantic Alys Beach – Street  of Dreams (Part 2)

For the start of my romantic beach adventure, please see the first in my series on Alys Beach here!
A life of balance, a life of beauty, a life of simplicity,
 a life of grace.  A life defined.
Earlier I spoke of those moments when you awake from a dream and you are not quite sure if you are still dreaming?  Well that is how you feel when you are relaxing at Alys Beach.  It so simple to get there from almost anywhere in the Southeast, that is why I like to call this area Atlanta’s Own Beach.  Please let me know what your romantic beach retreat dream are too!  I bet Alys can make your dreams come true!
Leave Atlanta around lunch and you are there in time for dinner!
You will be in such a state of Zen there that you will be most certain that your head is on a pillow fast asleep and you are simply dreaming, but rest assure you are in the Lush Haven of Alys Beach along with all it has to offer.

So please enter my courtyard (well mine for a weekend)
 and envision yourself in your own state of Zen.

Someone thought our weekend romantic retreat was on a tour of homes
 and wanted to tour my “home”!

My husband and I started out the day planning on a bike ride, but Zen kinda makes me lazy so we opted for a walk through the wonderful private nature trail located just in the back of the resort.   Yes it is one of those locations where hand holding is just natural!

We then journeyed across 30A to the Alys’s private Beach area.  This area is so magical even the dogs walking around here smile!  Take a look at the bright pristine views at every angle. We had the beach all to ourselves!   It felt like I was standing inside a cover of Coastal Living Magazine.  You too can stand on Alys Beach and feel the need to look up up over your head and see if a magazine title dangles just out of reach!

“The beaches along the Emerald Coast are some of the most beautiful and serene in the world. Sugar-fine, nearly spherical quartz granules create glittering-white, almost translucent sand that is unmarred by dredging and filling. These sumptuous beaches descend into the shimmering, clear turquoise-blue and emerald-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico.” Alys Beach

“Alys Beach’s boardwalk nature trail takes visitors on an 1,800-foot winding path through the most wild and untouched reaches of Alys Beach’s 20 acre nature preserve.” Alys Beach
Yes it can truly happen at Alys Beach.
Walking and Biking is the most romantic and convenient way to get around at Alys since anything you could possibly need is so close.   Even your spa needs are fulfilled by the convenient Aveda Solace Spa next door in Rosemary.  More on that later, along with the best dining info along 30A that includes a Lobster Roll to die for and the best thing ever put on a stick, Chocolate Covered Key Lime Pie! 

Next in the series will be not to be missed delicacies for the mouth and the body
that only this area could bring you!

Also my design loving pals will get their dream too!

A sincere thank you goes to Alys Beach for hosting me.

Want more information on Alys Beach please see below.
Welcome to Alys Beach

An oasis of luxury with a distinct Mediterranean feel, Alys Beach is the crown jewel of Florida’s Emerald Coast. It is a beach community founded in New Urbanism and built to exacting standards for the utmost in luxury living. It is a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Alys Beach is a reminder that what once was can indeed still be. It is a life of balance, a life of beauty, a life of simplicity, a life of grace. Alys Beach is a life defined.

Located along Florida’s Gulf Coast, Alys Beach boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With a carpet of sugar-fine sand descending into crystal-clear waters, this stretch of Gulf Coast is unmatched in beauty. Zoning laws preserve the pristine beach and keep it clear of the billboards and storefronts that litter ordinary beach towns. The Emerald Coast is so clean and well preserved that it has been certified as a Blue Wave Beach by the country’s only environmental-certification program for beaches.

Set against this immaculate natural backdrop, Alys Beach is a distinctive beach town designed and founded upon the principles of New Urbanism, a movement that emphasizes community and whose hallmark is the placement of amenities in and around homes to promote walking, talking, and a sense of connectedness. Every one of Alys Beach’s amenities, from the idyllic Caliza pool to the neighborhood coffee shop, is located within walking distance of every front door.

The vacation homes themselves are the epitome of luxury living. Designed and constructed for the most discerning property owners, these luxury beach homes offer gourmet kitchens with commercial-grade appliances, cozy fireplaces, and central courtyards with generous dipping pools.

Their beauty is more than skin deep: these vacation homes are built to withstand the test of time and the forces of Mother Nature. Using quality construction techniques, Alys Beach homes have earned the designation of Fortified…for safer living® homes and qualify for a special insurance program. In addition to their durability, Alys Beach homes are built sustainably and are considered to be green homes

Alys Beach has been thoughtfully and deliberately planned for lasting appeal. It is not a trendy or transitory community. Using only premium construction materials and taking care to make every square inch of the town a luxurious brushstroke in a grand masterpiece, the town’s founders have created a place to spend a lifetime. If you desire an unparalleled beach residence or vacation destination, we invite you to consider Alys Beach. Alys Beach is a special place. Affectionately named for the matriarch of the town’s founders, Alys Beach is a reminder that what once was can indeed still be.
A life of balance, a life of beauty, a life of simplicity, a life of grace.
 A life defined.