The Total Package is…  29 Spa

“As I ventured into what I knew would be a very exciting weekend at Lavish, I had no worries.  My first stop would be the 29 Spa.  Where only a short time ago I unleashed my inner Lucille Ball and stomped grapes as only a Spa Gal would. Yes, the weekend held so much anticipation of what was to come, a spa was just what the doctor ordered or at least Lydia Mondavi!

Lydia Mondavi has blessed Atlanta with one of the most relaxing designed spaces around, she also brings to us the skincare and cosmetics line 29. It is designed around the idea that true natural beauty is not effortless, but comes through dedication, understanding, protecting and nourishing the skin.  These same principles are embraced at the 29 Spa where treatments utilize the grape seed’s powerful antioxidants and age-protecting benefits.

When you arrive to visit 29 Spa at the Mansion on Peachtree you will be escorted to the elevator in the lobby that goes directly to the spa lobby.  You are in a sanctuary of calm as soon as you step out into the lobby.  The spa is as luxurious as any other and here you will notice the most caring welcome. The essence is one of truly being a guest in Lydia’s own private villa or spa. Each spa attendant shows genuine care for your wellbeing.  So much so that I did not feel guilty when offered their services ranging from bringing a glass of complimentary Mondavi Wine from the family’s own vineyards, a cup of organic tea or assistance with booking appointments.
29 Spa awaits for you with exceptionally large spa rooms beautifully appointed with heated water treatment beds covered in exquisite custom linens with silk duvets and boudoir pillows.  Each spa room allows guests individual climate control, music, and lighting choice along with a custom designed heated drawer to warm your robe. Truly I did not want to leave, but that is where the Total Package title comes into play.

How many of you get your nails done or indulge in a massage occasionally?  How did you feel afterwards?  Did the feeling last very long?  Pobably not!  At the 29 Spa your treatment also includes the entire facilities along with a complimentary glass of Mondavi wine, anti-oxidant tea, sauna, hot tub, relaxing lounge, indoor pool, outdoor zen balcony, and many other items that to me say you had a real spa day. Also if you so desire there is a state of the art exercise facility for your use.  If you must one can quickly get a treatment and leave, but I bet you won’t! You will find that early afternoon becomes sunset quickly before you know it; there is so much to experience here.  By having a true spa day one will find the resulted relaxation will continue long into the week.  This enables you to go about daily tasks with renewed vigor. 

Take your own journey to 29 Spa. As you view the pictures, think about what you would like to experience at the 29 Spa.
Or better yet go here to reserve your own day here, where during special weeks I can arrange a Total Package Spa Day for you at only $50.00.
So the Total Package is a …..Spa

The 29 Spa is the total spa experience that everyone desires.

Leave me a comment or note about how you desire The Total Package!
Maybe one day we can meet at the 29 Spa!

My own special treat was hanging up with Ms. Spa Week herself Michelle Lapidos!
Here’s a Toast to more Spa Day with Friends in 2011
The 29 Spa is located at the Mansion on Peachtree in Atlanta, GA.
  The location is convenient to the best shopping, restaurants, and nightlife in the area.

These same principles are embraced at the 29 Spa where treatments utilize the grape seed’s powerful antioxidants and age-protecting benefits.

Just had to share the lovely ceilings in the treatment rooms!

I  never wanted to leave this room!