The Cure for Almost Anything

Well I have found the cure for almost anything, well actually a few!  No, I did not find the cure for cancer, but thought I was going to have to for myself this week.  (Will someone please tell nurses that when they call with test results to spit it out.)  Let me ask you – what ails you!  Maybe you just have a general sense of the blahs. Correct!

Has 2011 not started out as rosy as you thought it would be?
Here is my first list of the year of how My Skin Concierge – Ava Roxanne Stritt has determined are surefire ways to cure almost anything!  Well at least they are better than eating a bunch of freezer burnt ice cream!
1.             Get yourself out around like-minded people & yes that may be a bunch of other women.  You could possibly try a small group like a book club, tweet-up or something larger like a conference.  Just this week someone mentioned to me that they were going to Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle but did not have a friend to go along and were kind of sad.  I told them that’s absurd!  You are about to gain so many allies at Spark & Hustle that you will feel like you have more pals than you know what to do with.  If you are interested in this just go here!  Spark & Hustle
2.             OK – my 2nd advice.  Oh know I did not mean to dole out advice.  My own thing that I would do is to get out and move!  My favorite form of exercise right now (remember that I was once a gym rat that taught kickboxing, spin, weight training, step you name it) is getting my iPod and going on a 2 mile walk/run!  It’s so simple and effective also a mind clearer and metabolism booster too! While you are at it – Join the Race for the Cure and sign up to walk with others helping to fight cancer now!

3.             My next advice is of course a little retail therapy.  With all of the deals coming out today remember to always get a great deal than it is a good thing. I am a Curator at a wonderful place called ShopOpenSky, where I am able to bring you some of the best deals on the web from hard to find products.  Products are especially hard to find when you are in some hard weather like Minneapolis, Minnesota or even Atlanta, Georgia this month.  Be sure to be in the know about all the deals while they are available by signing up for my newsletter.  Many are for a limited time only basis so don’t miss out! Just click here to be one of Ava’s Insiders.

4.             Travel!  There I said it – but don’t run away too fast!  Did you know that you can travel in your own back yard?  Check out some of these ideas!
5.             Wow, we are finally there!  Last for today but definitely not least is a visit to a Spa.  This can be your local day spa down the street for something as simple as a hand massage or go all out to what I call a “Total Package Spa” and visit somewhere like the 29 Spa at the Mansion on Peacthree. Take a peak here to see more about my time there with Ms. Spa Week herself!
Okay – there you go a few ideas to get you out of that slump in case 2011 has not been all you dreamed for so far.  Maybe my list has sparked a few ideas of your own!
Please leave me a comment to let everyone know about your own “Cure”!

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