Angry Birds Lavish at The Mansion
Well as many of my readers know I never pass up a chance to go to a spa, a mansion, a tweet-up or quote a  movie! Well why should I stop now?  I had a chance to do all of these and meet many of my most admired women all in one weekend. 
Women (aka Angry Birds) were flying in from all over the country to attend Lavish – an unconference held by The Broke Socialite, Shameeka Ayers.  Many of these were Twitter Pals or Tweets as they are called!  These Tweets were all in a flock in the airports and were in the air tweeting about anything from their heavy luggage or their pink laptops cases.  Yes a little angry they did sound as they were in formation arriving to what they knew would be a life changing experience.  What with some of the biggest names around in lifestyle media, they knew something big was about to happen.  
“A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.”  Quote – Alfred Hitchcock – Director of the classic movie “The Birds”  

I too was a little rushed and hurried, but knew what awaited me.  Anxious to return to what I have deemed the “Total Package”. You will soon hear much more about how “Angry Birds” came to a mansion to depart as lovely Swans!  Stay tuned!

The first total package I will introduce you to is The Mansion on Peachtree.  The Mansion on Peachtree is where you can lavish, jazz, shop, spa, dine and be divine without lifting a finger.  You will be flocking there so you too can transform “Angry Bird” to Lavish Swan after you hear more about my experiences there coming soon….

If you just cannot wait to be transformed, be my guest!