To Be or Not to Be that is the Question? 
                                            Or is It?

Recently I visited Shakespeare’s home along with Anne Hathaway’s cottage and the words To be or not To be “ have come to mind.  “To be, or not to be” is the opening line from William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet written around 1600 in act three, scene one.  It is one of the most famous quotations in world literature and the best-known of this particular play.  (Maybe after a day in Stratford-upon-Avon one thinks in famous quotes?)  Now this question means a lot of different  things to many people in all walks of life, but what about us Spa Lovers or those First Time Spa goers.  We may think of our own question numerous times when deciding to Spa.

What is this question you ask?

The question is “To Med Spa or Day Spa”!

Whenever I feel my skin has a need that either I myself cannot resolve or I need to quicken the results, I ponder this thought in my mind!  Well that question is not required anymore because I have discovered Arista Spa in Buckhead commnuity of Atlanta, GA!

Never shall I wonder if my situation needs just a touch of medical advice on the side of my treatment.  You will always have this in full servings at Arista Spa!  

Arista Spa is a medical and fitness spa offering the latest advancements in minimally and non-invasive cosmetic and body fitness therapies.  Even their website will tell you their team is filled with experienced and qualified staff to provide therapies in an environment that is luxurious, private and attentive to their clients’ discerning tastes, all with concierge-level service. Each person there has the skill and knowledge to make sure that you are not only getting the spa treatment you so desire, but your medical needs are also fulfilled. Yes a lot of spas do medical experience required procedures but the doctor is only there a few hours a day or even a week. Not at Arista Spa.  

On staff they have Alise Jones-Bailey, M.D. and trained fitness, spa and medical concierges that are as passionate about achieving your goals as you are.

Now don’t think that the reference to “Concierge-Level Service” got by me, not this concierge fan.  This was the first thought I had as I entered the spa last week.  It was intimate, but in the way you may think of personal shopping.  It was the spa version of having Karen Hughes of Image Assets by your side while picking out an outfit, but in this case the outfit was your birthday suit! 

Arista Spa’s promise:
Our procedures are revolutionary, as your results will be. We promise to do everything we can to exceed your expectations. 

My first stop was to the medical side to detox from my British Isles holiday.  I could go on and on about the comfortable environment and lush surroundings, but let me get the hero treatment in the spa. The SlimDome is my new BFF.  Not only did it get all the extra fluid buildup retained in my body, it also performed a miracle for my  joints!  This happens immediately, not like one of those treatments where they send you home saying to expect a few days tor it to take effect.   As I exited the SlimDone it was as a butterfly leaving its cocoon.  (Really and I don’t use the word butterfly ever – makes me think of Mariah Carey but it is definitely called for here.)

  Thank you Arista Spa; I am forever grateful.  They hosted me for the day, but I will be back as a customer soon! The SlimDome could get addictive, but this habit has no guilt.  Especially if you take a whirl on any of these revolutionary items they offer in their Fitness Spa.

  • Increase muscle tone and definition and achieve the benefits of a workout in a brief 20-minute session without serious physical exertion.
  • Golfvibe™
    • Whole body vibration training to help golf enthusiasts strengthen muscles needed to improve their game and obtain a complete workout in the process.
  • Range of Motion (ROM) 8-Minute Cross Trainer™
    • The ROM offers an unparalled total body workout of all the major muscle groups in 8 minutes and requires multi-joint movements, resulting in greater caloric burn for energy output.
  • SlimDome™
    • Lose up to 600 calories and detoxify in each 40-minute session while watching your favorite shows on the ceiling!

    I took a quick ride on the ROM before my dome visit due to limited time.  Don’t want to miss that facial do we? After only a few short minutes, it felt like I had just completed an entire BTS class! Sorry BFF Susan, but I love this thing. Don’t worry if you are not much of a workout person, the “fitness concierge” is right there with you to make certain you are achieving the optimum results for any of that precious time you are spending on the device.  

    After the SlimDome and a wonderful visit to my personal shower suite, it was off to get my pores detoxed now with a facial. Stay tuned and soon you will hear how I got my face back!  Yes I lost it (or it was stolen) in Wales!
    Also, I will also introduce you to one of my new found VIP Estheticians!