While trying to get to some form of  “Caught Up” from my British Isles holiday this morning, I stumbled upon a post on BlogHer by Rita Arens concerning Twitter and Facebook and “Which is more intimate?”  My answer to her post is as follows. Yes the suitcases are still yet to be unpacked, but look what started pouring out of me!

I guess I feel closer to a section of both my Facebook and my Twitter friends.

I have people who are friends from High School etc. on Facebook that as of today I don’t know the first thing about.  Also I have Facebook friends that have met me at large expos. So as a blogger and writer (like you) I don’t want to offend a reader or future reader. Then I have my true love Twitter! These friends tend to have a closer passion about the same things that I love.  Somehow Twitter does a better job at getting us together and keeping us there, while maintaining the passion.  With my #SkincareSunday hashtag chats we have make us become closer and actually know what is happening in each other’s lives. Eventually I have emailed and met many of my Twitter friends at events and have chatted with some the phone, but we all know it is quicker and easier to just send a Tweet to each other. I am excited to get to meet many of these friends at the Atlanta Day Spa Expo next week.  So then they will probably become my Facebook friends and the pools will mix! 

This fall, I will get to meet @ArtofSpa too.  Another that I really want to meet in person is Twitter pal @CandyDye on the West Coast.  Without her help I would have not been able to keep things going while I was in The British Isles for a few weeks researching all types of international travel including Moms Travel with or without kids! Hey Moms, I know how to find a Coke in most any locale.  My daughter and I shared so many wonderful smiles, when we found a nice cold Coke in a glass bottle!  Funny thing is that the locales could not understand that we had no need for a glass or ice.  They think Americans are obsessed with ice cubes or perhaps they perceive us as vulgar drinking from bottle!

This new Social Media thing is still evolving and what is so grand is that it can become whatever we or it wants to be.  There is no master plan and that is what makes it so exciting.

If you follow me on my blog www.MySkinConciergeBlog.com  Twitter @MySkinConcierge or Facebook,  please let me know where we originally met or if you just found me and wanted to be a fan!

I just adore all my new friends!  Who wouldn’t?  We have so much in common and get together almost daily!