Time to share with you a wonderful new website that I have grown to really enjoy. It may be just the place for you!  Take a look at The Local Dash.  It is a place to gather with friends and learn about exciting events going on in your area.  It is a life style guide for you and your family!

Do you love fashion & style? The Local Dash celebrates you and your style.  Maryan Aiken makes sure you have the up to date information to know where you can obtain your own style at local boutiques! There is also Spa & beauty events posted there too.  Now you know why I hang out there sometimes!

Take a look for yourself! She featured me on The Local Dash.  What an honor!

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

“Your epidermis is showing, and Ava Roxanne Stritt / My Skin Concierge Ava knows how to treat it right. She admits she’s obsessed with skincare and trying new products. Her obsession could be a time and money saver for you as she digs down deep. Ava pores over much more than skincare.

This magazine travel and feature writer covers spas, travel and other fun stuff on her Blog, Twitter & Facebook pages!” per Melissa Libby & Associates who awarded her the honor of being “Tweet of the Week” earlier this year!
• Roxanne, what makes your service unique?
Think of My Skin Concierge Ava as your own personal concierge for expert advice on skincare, spa & travel experiences.Concierges are essential for insider knowledge. My vast array of lifestyle experiences and acquaintances has enabled me to quickly determine the appropriate actions to take in these areas, thus saving others time, energy and money. Friends have always come to me for advice in these areas and many others. Now I can share this service with everyone! Also I truly believe that travel and spa experiences are not a luxury, but essential for both a healthy body and mind. Everyone is entitled to be pampered. Also I supply ways to have these same experiences at or near your own home.
. As a business person, do you find yourself getting stuck sometimes and how do you find fresh approach and ideas? Going to a spa!
 What do you enjoy about having your business? Meeting and connecting with others is fun. One of my greatest pleasures is connecting others even when there is no benefit to myself. I found out that one of my strengths from a StrengthFinder assessment made this a natural activity for me. Marcus Buckingham would be proud!
Also it’s a rush to be noticed by the likes of The USA Today, The Los Angeles Times & Tory Johnson of ABC! Someone is definitely listening to my advice!  (continued here at The Local Dash)
Please make sure to visit The Local Dash !!!