Toto I Don’t think we are in a Strip Mall Center Anymore!
Now most of you know that I just love a line from a movie, but this title was just perfect.  Imagine how I felt when I pulled up to The Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta after receiving a gracious invitation from them to visit their spa.  I have to admit that this spa girl still frequents one specific local  manicurist to get a quick pedi now and then in a local strip center.  As I entered the hotel I knew that this was not going to be my typical mani/pedi day…
Take a look at the lobby and see what you think!
Well since many of you know that I have been on the go from state to state lately, I have not had a lot of time to think about my plans until the time comes.  BUT right then and there as I entered the lobby I knew this day would take no planning, no cellphone, no laptop & no much effort from me.  Just the desire to unplug, unwind & relax!

Can you believe I did not even check the time once!  The only event that tore me away was the promise to my very best friend to help her move and bring them dinner.  If not for that important commitment to a dear friend,  I think I would have just found a massage table to hide under and stay indefinitely.  

Stay tuned as the story continues… 

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