Now Back to your Regularly Scheduled Spa!

BlueMed Spa

Now you know me! So don’t you think for a second that my busy life has kept me from visiting a spa or two well three in the past two weeks!  

First I want to let you in on a little secret.   Did you know that there was an Oasis right in the heart of Midtown Atlanta?  Well after you read this you will and have no excuse to sit at work anywhere near the city of Atlanta and feel like you can’t visit a spa on say your lunch hour?  I am sure any diva can figure how to make it work honeys!

Excuse me I think I have found Atlantis!

Atlantis (ətlăntĭs, ăt–), in Greek legend, large island in the western sea (the Atlantic Ocean). Plato, in his dialogues the Timaeus and the Critias, tells of the high civilization that flourished there before the island was destroyed by an earthquake. The legend persists, and societies for the discovery of Atlantis remain active. Plato described Atlantis as an ideal state, and  is considered Utopia!

Well really I have found your Go-To place convenient to every part of Atlanta!
BlueMed Spa!

As I entered I also found a lovely place just to take a look at some of the best skincare lines around!  Window shopping is allowed! To the left of the beauty bar you can find a skincare product that is just right for you.

Here I found a familiar friend in ISClinical & there is the lovely blue Obagi line also!

Just to the right is the salon where you can easily get a new do without driving way out in the suburbs too!

Before I go too far, I would like to remind you that this spa is not just any Atlanta Spa!  It has been recognized as

One of the Top 55 New Spas in the World
Condé Nast Magazine

I always like to remind my followers that many or most of the spas and resorts I review are recognized both national and internationally.  That is why I want to bring them to you, so you may delight in their uniqueness.  You may also find out that they are right at your back door!  You may have never realized it and it may mean the discovering of an Atlantis of your very own!
My Medical Esthetician was Trisha Burns Let me just start with the fact that I will be seeing this skincare guru again.  She is one of those that is not only trained, but skincare passion pours from your soul!  She seems like she would be a great pal too!  

Now come back for my next post for the lovely journey of my consultation and treatment!  I am sure you will be picking up your phones to make an appointment after reading! Hey wait a minute – why must I be such a Connector!  I may not be able to get my own appointment!  I will relish in the fact that sharing is a good thing!  Right Martha Stewart & Mashable’s Pete Cashmore!

To Be Continued!