Just Go Ahead & Try It Today!
Well for some time now we have had eye lash treatments on the market.  This question has been asked to me many times over and now I will have an answer.  The question?  “Which eye lash treatment do you use?”  Well that question is a funny one (since in the past I have lacked in the lash department)!  Also as I have told my followers before, I am the expert on skincare because I need it at times.  There is a reason I have a doc that’s a derm in every town! Would you want advice from someone that has never had the issues that you deal with yourself each day?

Say do you have a lot of extra time?…Waiting….still waiting..now as I get that look from you…..I didn’t think so! Well I have the connections, experience, and expertise to get you answers quick to some of your most current skincare issues.  Well you say – lashes is that skin?  Not really, but don’t be fooled.  The treatments go into your skin, not just those little lashes.

Recently I was given a container of a new product.  One that I had not tried myself yet.  It was an eyelash treatment.  Yes there are some things I have not tried.  It’s better to wait sometimes and let others be the guinea pigs when the ingredients are new. 

After I took a peak of the ingredients of Professional Solutions Stem Cell Lash Treatment, I knew there were not worries. Veris Skincare has discovered this true natural lash treatment.  Included in it is some of the most trusted and results oriented natural items that we would find in our natural skincare products.  After trying it, I have become “Bright Eyed”, but it will take a little longer to see if I get “Brushy Tailed” lashes.  I can say that it makes my mascara go on so smooth without clumping.  Also I have gotten no eye irritation.  My eye actually feel great.  I think because less mascara is now needed.  Say wait a minute, that must mean I am getting more lashes!