The Journey Continues – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
@ The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta
Have any of you ever had any type of interview?  It could have been a job interview, college application or pageant interview.  Well many many (we will stop with just two) years ago, I was in my first and only pageant to try and become the Apple Queen!  Well I don’t remember much about my interview (& I bet most of you don’t from yours either – except that you got through it), but I do remember that when they ask me about my hobbies which were interviewing, writing articles for the school newspaper and photography I had one very important thing to say.  Remember that I was only a teenager and not very worldly.  I told them that my hobby of photography was the most important part of any type of publication.  I told them that you can tell someone many facts and descriptions about people and places, but when you use the art of photography “a picture can is worth a thousand words”.  Well I then remember trying to elaborate on that to some degree and then I think my memory goes blank.  
Many years later I still feel passionately about this same hobby and passion of mine.  Hopefully you can see many more adjectives, adverbs, verbs & nouns than I am able to convey in my descriptions in the following photos of my day at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta.  
Remember going into the day I did not plan, since my hectic schedule had taken me from Spark & Hustle in Atlanta, to Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit in Chicago, training classes at work, helping a friend move & a private jet flight with the CEO of a major company to meet another major CEO!  All this can sound exciting & jetsetting but this is why some gals need a day just for themselves.  Remember that I too work a 40+ hour week job & have young kids.  Plus had a speech to give about Blake MyCoskie of TOMS Shoes who I heard speak in Chicago.
So that last term in my head was Zen.  This is not something that I ever have to expected to ever experience.  Just ask anyone who know me and they will tell you calmness is not one of my attributes.  I must always be accomplishing something at all times and my crazy mind tries to keep this up in my sleep too! 
Come along with me and I promise you will be wanting to Pic a Color…Take a Color too before the end of the month at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta and enjoy the signature manicure & pedicure yourself!
As I entered the hotel I was greeted first by the exquisite lobby  and then at the entrance of the spa by the Director of Spa & Fitness, Garth Mamicpic and  Spa Supervisor, Jennifer Quijano (who declined to be photographed though she was so lovely!)
Immediately Garth (above) and Jennifer made me feel at ease.  They were so gracious!
Jennifer led me to what they term a “locker room” but this did not look like any high school locker room or any other type I have seen.  It was so spacious.  No bumping into to other ladies while changing into your robe.  It even contained a large wooden bench was would have been big enough for a picnic.  Would you just know that I sat there quite some time.  You know I would not mind having a picnic in a spa – never been much of an outdoor girl!
While waiting on my spa associate, I waited in the lounge that contained the most cozy spots per square footage I have ever seen in any room.  Each area was draped with curtain, so you felt cocooned and alone in solitude to relax and unwind!
My view from my cozy nook.
Refreshments (left)
A nook for two (right)
Soon Bertha my nail technician came to take me to the comfy nail room.  I have to say that I did not wait long and could have stayed in the lounge for quite some time, which I did after my treatment.  Bertha was a joy to be around and before I even found out about her great skills I knew this would be a most pleasant experience.  My favorite skill of this gal is that fact the she can shape a nail – her vision of shape is the same as mine and I fear I may already be addicted to her pedicures. Also they are still two weeks later in the same shape as when I left and the glossiest toes I have ever had! The pedicure chairs here were the most comfortable that I have lounged in for quite a while.  Take a look at this picture and see if you don’t think I looked relaxed.

Usually I do not like to put up a lot of photos of myself, since I never like any of them.  When I took my first look at this one, I was startled by the strange look on my face.  What was it?  ZEN was all that came to mind.  Zen was something that I was not aware was anywhere in my DNA.  Where did it come from?  This leads me to the part of the story that needs more words than I am able to convey to you, so take a look at the rest of the story and you too can say that a picture is worth a thousand words!  

Now time for the Big Reveal!
Click here to see what Pick a Color …Take a Color
I took home with me both on my tootsies & in my purse!
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My choices of SpaRitual Organic Nail Lacquers 
My so glossy tootsies! 

A Hunk of Burnin’ Love Red!
My tootsies then took me on an adventure to the 5th floor terrace!  Hopefully soon I will be able to share with you the wonders that I found there right in Midtown Atlanta!  Possibly @MidtownMile does not even know what lies so close to her on a daily basis!
Thank you The Spa at The Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta!
You have made me a raving fan!