Updated!  More ways to get Sucked In!
We all have to do some sort of shopping be it groceries, shoes or skincare products.  Many times I have 1 or 2 of my kids with me.  I try my best to just have just 1 with me or to be alone, but most occasions I have either my son or my daughter  trailing behind me.  In my daughter’s case that would be in front of me.   Buzzing from one side to the other like a honey bee (more on honey bees in the coming weeks).  How she thinks she knows where we are going when she has no idea drives me mad, but most of the time she is actually right.

You do this next thing too I just know.  Tell your kids, your significant other, or yourself (there goes that inner voice again) that you will only be a minute, but one minute turns into 10 which doubles into twenty and then you just lose track of time.   My family likes drop me off at front of the store acting like they are just going to wait there.  Upon my return they are always gone as if they left me for taking too many of those minutes.  They so enjoy watching me from some hidden spot in the parking lot look from side to side for any familiar vehicle.  I don’t mind this too much, since everyone is always laughing as I enter the car.  I am sure that staying in the car with my two children who just adore each other (excuse me while I am about to joke on that last statement), was much worse this having to stand on the side of the parking lot looking like a lost dog.

                Well just the other day I came a across something new, so new to me that my mouth dropped open in amazement.  I had never thought of this concept.    What an ingenious idea.  Whoever thought  about it should win a Nobel Prize or some sort of an award.  I myself would give them one big pat on the back.  This shiny large object could make any girl swoon and also put one great big smile on their face. (No, it is not a 2 ½ c diamond ring.)

                Then in the back of my mind I heard a different voice in my head, it was one of my kids yelling to me what they often do “DON’T GET SUCKED IN MOM!”.    They knew that Mom would stay here forever like a kid in front of a video game staring straight ahead oblivious to the rest of the world.  Don’t worry the big reveal is coming soon.   I hope you have not looked ahead, so you too can have your own special moment.  So here was this new concept that could just show up anywhere.   It does not even have to be inside of store walls.  I still think when I approach it; it will disappear like a mirage.   Here you go.  You better sit down if you are as big a fan as I am……
I think now we will just take a moment of silence to take it all in.

Update!  More ways to get Sucked In!
Just a few Fridays ago, I was in a Sephora on a very blustery stormy night.  I did not realize one night just how late it was or how bad the weather had gotten outside until my daughter called me to see  when I was coming home.  You see while I was in Sephora the weather had taken a very bad turn with dangerous winds.  Just as I assured her I would be leaving shortly, the power went out in the store.  I had a flashback of the last time I was in a store during a violent storm and was actually thankful that it was Sephora and not a certain grocery chain that I am not the biggest fan.  That time I thought that I was going to meet my demise in such a place that I totally loathed and that my fate had been sealed.  At least if this was my day it would be in a Sephora I thought.  Now I now this sounds kind of cryptic, but now as I look back I see that my thought had an actual calming effect on me (so I am considering it a coping skill).  
Now we can caring this coping, shopping, glamming, beauty, skincare, birthday shopping etc. skill with us with one easy download of an app.  How do you say!  Just download the new Sephora App that not only works on the iPhone, but most Smart Phones as well! 

Skincare & Beauty Lovers will be delighted!  Sephora is now going Mobile! You can feel like you are in a Sephora without going to a store even while you are waiting in the dreaded doctor’s office, in the DMV line or just about anywhere now. Feel the ZEN coming over you and the time fly by as you say to the Nurse as she calls your name “Already?”.  But just like no texting and driving – No Sephora Apping and driving either!!!

It will also have a “Ratings & Reviews feature to see what other people are saying about an item you are interested in purchasing plus bring up your favs and past orders.  What more could you ask for?!

Julie Bornstein, senior vice president of Sephora Direct said “We recognized early on that our clients are increasingly accessing our site from their smartphones, and set out to provide them with a seamless experience no matter how they shop with us,”

“Leveraging technology never before used in the beauty sector, the new SephoraSephora, offering not only extensive information about all of our products but also providing personalized recommendations and access to their own beauty purchasing history to make shopping at Sephora more exciting and convenient than ever before,”

Ava hears that there will be GPS Features, along with specials not seen in the stores including some of the newest coolest technology like QR codes too!

The only bad thing is you will have to wait along with Pooh for possibly another blustery day this fall in in October when it is due to be available for download.  So if you see any heffalumps and woozles it may be time to go shopping!

Ava’s going to love her new coping skill!  Leave me a comment & let me know one of your coping skills!