Atlantis Expedition Continues – Visia from the Future!
Now for the rest of my journey to the “Atlantis of Atlanta” The BlueMed Spa! 
After a complete consultation with my new pal Trisha, who is a Medical Esthetician, I decided to try something new.  Believe it or not there was something that I had never encountered in any spa before.  First let me say that this device truly differentiates this spa.  This Medical Spa offers the Visia Complexion Analysis System.
My quest for a more radiant complexion put me in front of what in may case could be a lie detection machine.  All my life I have tried to care for my skin and not get too much sun.  I was about to see into the future possibly and find out what was below the surface and hidden from the naked eye.
  Had all that care and sunscreen really paid off? 

There are six things Visia can tell you about your skin with a score: wrinkles, spots, pore size, skin tone variations, bacterial content, & last but definitely not least UV Spots that indicate sun damage! 

Happily I report that I made an A+, but that is not to say that I did not see some scary stuff with the digital imaging analysis.  Mythbusters not needed here!  That stuff about your left arm and left side of your face getting a lot more sun from driving is true!  I had a much lower grade on my left side.  So pack an extra sunscreen and leave it in the car.  During a long ride or while stuck in traffic slather some on.  Yes I have done this before.  Enough to know that you better wipe off your slick hand before grabbing the steering wheel!
After my consultation it was back to the treatment room that was perfectly lit with a matching temperature.  My pick was the Hydrate Anti-Aging Facial.  After discussing my history, this nourishing treatment seemed the best fit and would leave my skin soft, supple and renewed while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
BlueMed Spa believes in Results Oriented Skincare!

BlueMed Spa is somewhere that I would return again.  A Zen Like Spa within such a thriving city with such detail to results and medical grade care is usually unheard of!  Yes you can find one or the other, but both is very rare. Along with this comes Medical Estheticians like Trisha Burns, who passed even my secret tests

Maybe I will reveal one of these secret tests if my followers comment and ask!

Along with this comes a staff that is highly trained that cares about your comfort and health both now and in the future!
With Your Future in Mind, BlueMed Spa has introduced a new customized, all natural Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Program and a new additional location at The Westin in Huntsville, AL to join both their Atlanta & Serenbe locations.  

So take a midday break and do a little window shopping & descend to The BlueMed Spa (aka Atlantis)! 

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