Jump with Me into the OpenSky – No Parachute Needed!

Just with me into the OpenSky.  No I did not tell you to do a daredevil stunt and jump out of a crop duster plane to land in some prickly field.  This jump requires no life defying acts or parachutes; just a strong desire to share information about products and make money.  Yes I said make money.  Is there really anyone out there that feels like they already have enough?  Answer NO! Even if we would like to donate most of what we make to charity, we still want to make the most money we can.  

This week I got a message from ABC Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson.  She is an expert on the workplace even when it is at home.  She told me all about OpenSky and how it would be a great way for me to share information with my followers about products that I love.  She even featured Open Sky this week on Good Morning America during her segment.  

Tory’s knowledge on working from home is evident from her NY Times Bestselling Book written with Robyn Spizman

Will Work from Home – Earn the Cash without the Commute

Will Work from Home: Earn the Cash--Without the CommuteThe OpenSky platform enables bloggers, media personalities and trusted experts (like me) to do just that and to sell unique products that they love without having to deal with the shipping and distributing of the products.  That is all handled by OpenSky.  So far, my experience has been great and I am looking forward to the upgrade debuting on August 10th!  There you will be able to see my own page with many of the products you hear about here and some new ones too! 

With OpenSky I can continue to give you my unbiased reviews of all the products that I love!  Also I can work with the suppliers to bring you more of my famous insider deals!

Watch for my Countdown Clock coming soon!  You may want to jump with me into OpenSky!  See you there!!!

Photos Courtesy of Spark & Hustle