Yoga Tips for All


Enjoy these top yoga tips for all from the very balanced Head Yoga Instructor MACKELL of the St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Casino in St. Kitts, BVI.


  • How to Keep Cool in the Heat – Be sure to always wear loose fitting clothes that also allow the body to breathe. Also ensure that you are hydrated.
  • How to avoid losing your balance  – Stay focused with deep breathing and take those deep breathes from your diaphragm as you focus your mental energy.


  • First timer or been a while? – Know your body’s limit. Stay focused on yourself and not those around you.


  • How to prevent injury – Always stretch and use only slow movements between different positions. The key is to make smooth transitions.


  • How to enjoy the experience to the fullest – First and foremost relax, focus on the moment that you are in and enjoy your surroundings.


  • Try a Yoga Vacation – Both St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Casino and Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort have lovely outdoor yoga classes where you can refresh yourself with a yoga class while the ocean breeze blows in your hair.


For more Yoga Retreat tips you can visit Yoga Retreats for All.


  1. Adaline Kelly says

    A Yoga retreat is an extraordinary experience that yogis could have. If you’ve been wanting to dedicate yourself into practicing yoga but believe that your everyday hectic schedule does not permit you to, why not join a yoga retreat

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