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The Luxury Lifestyle


The Luxury Lifestyle just has a ring to it! Who would not like to enjoy this type of indulgence especially if we could do it for a reasonable price.  A new website named Achica is now on the block. ACHICA is a leading members-only home & luxury lifestyle store that is free to join & offers up to 70% off. Check out their blog too!

Would you like to travel within a luxury lifestyle? Looking for a chic retreat? Whether it’s a countryside retreat, warm beach getaway, busy metropolis or something altogether more exotic, ACHICA Travel offers members hand-picked luxury hotels and holidays at exclusive members’ rates. From brief breaks to jet setting across the globe, discover your deservedly indulgent holiday at a decidedly enviable rate.




Need a little bling to complete that perfect outfit. They do that too! I was so amazed at how reasonable the prices were (really)! Take a look at this amazing gold leaf necklace! Just the thoughts of wearing it makes me feel like I am enjoying the luxury lifestyle already!




Okay if you can’t live totally in luxury, you may be able to perk up your home a little by adding some luxury type additions.  I would so enjoy this painting for my wall.  I can at least pretend my chairs look this fabulous!

Take a swirl around Achica and see what inspires you to live the luxury lifestyle!


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