Spa Cultures Dream Time – Sleeping Spa Treatment Experience

Have you always wondered what your Dreams may be saying to you, or about you? Some believe Dreams are windows into the Soul. Many ancient cultures like the Greeks and Romans combined dreaming with their stay at a spa. This atmosphere of relaxation, rest and sleep integrated with “taking the waters” seemed to enhance and nurture dreaming, and the ability to look deeply into one’s inner self.

Spa Cultures Dream Time, a 6-day, 5-night program held at Bad Orb, Germany, explores these principles in a modern-day spa setting. Professor Jonathan Paul DeVierville, Ph.D., M.S.S.W., a psychotherapist and well-known spa historian, leads participants on a journey into their psyches. An exploration of this nature can reveal not only how a person’s dreams relate to themselves, but also to the larger world and planet. He calls this method “Eco/Social/Psi/Cultural Dreaming.” (That’s when people in a group share their dreams and often are surprised to discover central themes which have relevance not only to the group but to society in general. Psychologist Carl Jung called this the “Collective Unconscious.”)

These relaxing surroundings and stimulating group sessions make your own Dreams more vivid and help relate their meaning to your everyday life, creativity and relationships.

The Spa Cultures Dream Time program takes place in the medieval German Spa village of Bad Orb near the cultural city of Frankfurt. If you are ever planning a Germany trip the collection of Germany vacation rentals on Live Like a German turns out to be very useful. Your stay at the Toskana Spa & Therme includes traditional spa bathing in warm mineral Healing Waters and floating in the world-famous Liquid Sound Temple: a spectacular circular pool flooded with sound, light and video over and under the water.

Besides daily group sessions and spa bathing, participants also explore the charming and historic areas around Bad Orb. For more information you can go here to this page about the Sleeping Spa Experience.


  1. says

    Sounds perfect to me <3. I have never been to SPA during my travels, but it's on my bucket list. Been to Germany this month to visit Christmas market in Berlin, but will head to Frankfurt next time to relax ;-)

  2. Ava Roxanne says

    That sounds like an amazing winter journey! So jealous!

    Please report back and visit a spa for me!

    What else is on your bucket list for 2013?

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