Fall Fashion Jewelry Tips

Have you ever had a piece of jewelry that you got a lot of compliments about no matter what you were it with? I have a new article of jewelry complements of The Housewives Jewelry that is one of those. Everywhere I go (and I promise I am not making this stuff up) everyone mentions it. Many to my surprise also want to touch it. I felt like a pregnant mom getting their belly patted. My fall fashion had enlisted a strange response from my gal pals on our girlfriend trip.

What were they thinking reaching over toward my chest to touch MY Necklace? Well I finally thought to ask one girlfriend of mine recently while we were on a girls getaway trip. She said she wanted to see if it was heavy. Have you ever tried on a piece of jewelry and felt like a harnessed mule? I have, but my Housewives Falling Leaves Necklace is light as a feather (make that leaf)!

Contest Alert Keep Reading 

It is my go to piece of jewelry for fall and I would enjoy wearing it daily. I really feel that I have found the perfect piece of jewelry. So much so, that I want more but first I want to share so you can have this experience too! I am giving away Flower Cluster Dangle Earrings from The Housewives of New York collection. I can remember seeing these on Ramona herself in one scene!

Good Luck and I hope you win! You only have to leave me a comment by 10/31/12 midnight to enter. Nothing hard or fancy, but one pretty fancy piece of Housewives Jewelry. Be sure to check out their website for more of these dazzling and so affordable designs!

Currently I am dreaming of the Petite Gold Bangle Set, since it am one of those gals with small wrists that tend to let all the other bracelets slide!

Comment to WIN and GOOD LUCK!



  1. Miriam L. says

    I would love to win this. It is an elegant chandelier piece of earring with swarovski crystals. Perfect for parties, dinner dates and night of the town. For sure, everyone will have their eyes on my ears. Thank you for this contest.

  2. Yumsy says

    It is pretty fancy and unique piece of collection. I would wear this with pride and a big smile on my face. =)

  3. Carol Buchman says

    Beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win those stunning earrings. What a great focal point these earrings would make for any outfit!

  4. Ava Roxanne says

    The Winner will need to contact me with their shipping information for the prize.

    You can leave a comment here with the info!

    If you are reading this you are possibly the winner, so please get in touch!

    Spa Travel Gal Ava

  5. Miriam L. says

    If I win, I’m gonna wear it on Thanksgiving Day and would let them feast on my earring. Would let them know it came from Spa Travel Gal. Pls pick me. Thank you.

  6. Ava Roxanne says

    The winner has spoken! Just had to tease you a little!

    Already packed up!

    Thanks for following my blog and please comment here often. I get lonely!

  7. Miriam L. says

    I won?? For real???? I will definitely keep track of what’s going on with your blog. I do love reading your travel escapades…Envy what you’re doing. lol

  8. Miriam L. says

    Should I send you my shipping information? Im just so excited I cant contain myself. Hope Im the winner and not misread the whole thing.

  9. says

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